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How would you like to get one free oil change per year? 

How would you like to get your oil changed only twice a year. That is saving you time & money, something we all would like to have. With our AMSOIL extended performance fully synthetic oils you can do just that. The service life of AMSOIL allows extended drain intervals of up to 25,000 miles.* Your first oil change is done using AMSOIL fully synthetic oil & an A/C Delco Oil Filter. After 5,000 miles you stop back in for a filter replacement & topping off of oil and go another 5,000 miles. AMSOIL is the leader in synthetic motor oils and have the reputation and experience to back it up.
A typical example: 
Regular oil change $32 X 4 = $128
AMSOIL oil change $52.88 First Time
AMSOIL oil change $20.48 Second Time/ Savings Of $32.40

*25,000 mile interval on diesels with bypass oil filter system
Pricing typical of a 4 qt capacity vehicle w/non-cartridge style filter
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